We Love it when our clients send us notes of thanks, telling us how much they are enjoying their completed projects! Here are a few samples of satisfied clients from the past.

I replaced an existing Koi pond that had given me problems for years. I was nervous about contractors and Koi ponds because I truly had had bad luck. However, I knew what I wanted so I called Norman Tharpe. I told him I had hired a contractor to build my Koi pond and I had to fire him at the start of the project, because he was truly in over his head. Norman Tharpe came to my home that weekend. A week or so later I had designs to pick and several weeks after that my pond was being built. I am so grateful that I found Water Designs By Tharpe Landscaping. They were professional, hard working, courteous, respectful of my property and most of all experienced. The completed project (Koi Pond) is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful !!! I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for allowing me to trust and believe in contractors again. You listened, designed / created and built a koi pond that I look at daily in awe. Thank You so very much for your God given talent !!!
-Gwendolyn Braswell-Nash
Thanks very much for the fabulous water feature. It’s very easy to care for and very easy to get mesmerized by the fish and water sounds. Looking forward to my new deck and patio, can’t wait!

Awesome! Incredible! Wonderful! Super impressive! What more can I say besides Thank you! You guys did a fantastic job and I am grateful!
- Amanda Patterson
I want to thank you again for your service to our pond during the month of July, 2012. When I contacted you in May and asked you to maintain our pond while we were on vacation during the month of July, little did I know what that would turn out to be. The day after we left, Lynchburg turned into a war zone! You took care of everything and we did not lose one fish. I knew that there were much more important things to tend to during the aftermath of such a damaging storm, but you were there when we needed you and that means a lot.
Christine Crist
Thank you for designing us such a beautiful pond and landscaping around the pool. For being so conscientious about deadlines and keeping the yard neat while all the construction was going on. For being so patient with us before you dug the first hole. For being so persistent in solving any problems that came up. For catching our first family of fish and bringing them to their new home. See you in September for our next project.
-Chris and Frank Crist
Norman Tharpe is by far the best landscape designer and contractor I have worked with. The complex hard scape project he designed and constructed is a superb reflection of a generic idea we presented to him. Both he and his team executed the construction with such quality, we were truly amazed. While the construction timeline was longer than expected due to weather and consistent rain, the end product was amazing!
_Theresa Converse
Dear Norman,
This letter is just to thank you again for the beautiful water garden you installed in the front lobby of our office building. I can’t tell you how many compliments we have received since it was installed in November. Besides the beauty and serenity of hearing the water that flows down the stones, we have actually found our water garden to be virtually maintenance free. Also, I want you to know how much I appreciate your service and willingness to travel all the way to Rocky punt if we need any maintenance that cannot be done in house. Thank you again for helping to make our office more beautiful and like being at home.
Yours truly,
Gerald P. Cox President Autumn Corporation
Dear Mr. Tharpe,
Having the water garden inside our facility has allowed our residents to experience social therapeutic interaction. Family and friends of all ages are brought together around the waterfall. Their human spirits are uplifted.
Years ago, people gathered outside to talk, laugh, and relax. In our facility, they gather around the waterfall to experience the magical beauty and simplicity of the gentle sound of water cascading over the rock and the lush greenery of the plants. Staff has seen many family members and residents try to count the fish. The pond is definitely the talk of our facility.
The waterfall has also been a tool that the staff use to help deal with behaviors of the residents. When a resident is upset about something, they are taken to the waterfall. I knew it would be a beautiful gathering place, but never fought that it would help us handle behavior problems.

Thank you, Sincerely, Michelle H. Fontaine, Administrator, Whispering Pines Nursing Home
To whom it may concern,
In working with Norman Tharpe, I have found him to be an individual of good character, and high moral standards. He has completed several large projects for my wife and me at our residence, and we have been very pleased with the quality of his work. He has a very strong work ethic and has always been willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to address any concerns which we may have had.
Norman puts in many long hours, yet has often stopped by either early in the morning or late at night just to check on things or see if there were any problems. Most of our guests marvel over the design and installation of our water garden with accompanying waterfalls, creek-beds, and landscaping, all of which were completed by Norman.
I believe Norman Tharpe is an honest person who strives to do things the right way. He has always maintained a professional demeanor and worked hard to rep us informed during the various stages of any project.
Dr. Bruce E. Bentley

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