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Making an appointment for our free consultation is as easy as clicking a button picking up the phone or sending an email! We are always excited to hear from past clients that may want additional work to their existing landscape, and new potential clients that are considering us for the first time! When you set up a free estimate consult, we will find a time for Norman to visit you that suits both our schedules and he will personally guide you through the design process. Norman will suggest what he thinks will make your property look and function the best and together you can create the perfect plan. In addition to the free consultation, we also offer full color computerized renderings of your property using photographs that Norman can make during his visit that can show you what your property will look like at completion! Just let Norman know during your consult and he will add that in. It's only $170 and that price will be refunded to you as a discount on the balance of your bill if you hire us for the job.