Water Garden Designs by Norman Tharpe works very hard to collaborate with each client to bring to life a unique vision of every project. Whether it be a custom designed water garden and creek bed, patio, deck, outdoor kitchen or nearly anything you can imagine, each one of our designs is tailor made to fit each client's tastes, landscape and budget. Each project has it's own specific set of challenges based on your existing landscape and other factors such as matching stonework, tile or finding or building specialized structures.

That is all part of the challenge and thrill of doing what we do and that's why a project designed by Tharpe will be so different from anything you could get from any other landscape designer in the area. With over 30 years of experience, designing and executing amazing outdoor living areas for our clients, we are confident that together we can create something for you that will be as useful as it is beautiful, pleasing the eye and relaxing the soul.